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Geek Pride Day 25 May

Geek Pride Day 25 May | Manifesto | Ideas | Flag | Culture

Geek Pride Day is an initiative to promote geek culture. And founded by super Geek Scpio Martin from Victoria BC as an a thought. And expression of mental creativity it celebrated annually on May 25.

The initiative originated in Spain in 2006 as and spread around the world via the Internet. Geek Pride Day 25 May


In 2008, Geek Pride Day was officially celebrated in the U.S., where it was heralded by numerous bloggers, coalescing around the launch of the Geek Pride Day website. Math author, Euler Book Prize winner. And geek blogger John Derbyshire not only did a shout out. But announced that he would be appearing in the Fifth Avenue parade, dressed as number 57. On the prime number float – prompting some bloggers to say they’d be looking for him. Geek Pride Day 25 May


Tim McEachern organized unconnected events called Geek Pride Festival. And/or Geek Pride Day 1998 to 2000 at a bar in Albany, New York, which are sometimes seen as a prelude to Geek Pride Day.

The irrepressible Dick Morley, Father of the PLC (1932-2017). Organised Geek Pride Days at The Barn, his retreat in New Hampshire as early as 2001. He describes it in his book, Techshock – Future under repair (ISA, 2009). He held them on the longest day of the year. And he wrote of Geek Pride Day (Or Outing Engineers in the Bush!) on page 19.

In 2006, the Spanish blogger Germán Martínez known online as señor Buebo organized the first celebration. The day was celebrated for the first time in Spain and on the Internet, drawing attention from mainstream media. The biggest concentration took place in Madrid, where 300 Geeks demonstrated their pride together with a human Pac-Man. A manifesto was created to celebrate the first Geek Pride Day, which included a list of the basic rights and responsibilities of geeks. Geek Pride Day 25 May

Continued Spread

By 2009, acknowledgment of the day had reached the Science Channel. With special programming on 25 May to celebrate and events took place to commemorate the day in Ottawa. Home to the Canada Science and Technology Museum and a notable research centre in Canada. While in 2010 the festival spread further, taking in cities as diverse as Halifax, Nova Scotia; Budapest, Hungary; Tel Aviv, Israel; Timişoara, Romania and San Diego, California. In 2013, a Geek Pride parade was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, and it was decided that it would be an annual event. Geek Pride Day 25 May

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