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Vijay Mallya Wiki | Son | Marriage | House | Biography | Family | Photo

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Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya, is an Indian Entrepreneur and an ex-chairman of United Spirits Ltd. Currently, he is serving as the Chairman of UB Group, Sanofi India, Bayer CropScience etc. He has laid his hands in various fields including, beverages, Aviation Company, real estate and fertilisers. From the year 2012, he has been the centre of many Scandals and controversies. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya who born on 18 December 1955 in Bantwal District in Karnataka is a tycoon and a rich businessman who left India in the year 2016 was recently arrested by the London Police. Vijay Mallya was a business tycoon who was charged with money-laundering and loan fraud. The Government of Scotland admitted that he was arrested on behalf of the Indian Government. Vijay Mallya also got a conditional bail pending deposit of 5.3 Crores Rupees. Vijay Mallya Wiki


He was elected as the Chairman of United Breweries Group, following his father’s death, in the year 1983. The company has seen massive growth under Mallya and the companies turnover increased by 64%, over 15 years. In these years, he has also taken over many companies like, ‘Berger paints, Best and Crompton, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers etc’. He has also launched ‘Kingfisher Airlines’, in the year 2005. Vijay Mallya Wiki

However, the company went broke in few years and failed to pay its employees for 15 months from 2013. As a result of this, he was accused of being a defaulter in paying his debt. In 2016, Hyderabad court issued non-bailable warrant against Vijay Mallya, on charges of money laundering, misappropriation etc and restricted him from going abroad. However, within this time he has already left India. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya is an Indian Businessman and a liquor Tycoon. He was also the chairman of the United Brewing Group in the year 1983 and at the age of 28. Vijay Mallya has also diversified the Berger paints, started his kingfisher airlines and managed to sell it as well. The company Collapsed and the Government of India tried to stop him from flying abroad, but Vijay Mallya managed to fly out of the country. Vijay Mallya Wiki

He was charged with laundering and fraud and there were allegations. He also owns a Formula One Racing Company – Sahara India and just before his arrest, he was tweeting about the F1 Team.  Vijay Mallya was also a politician and he joined the Akhila Bharata Janata Dal and he joined the Subramaniam Swamy’s party. Vijay Mallya Wiki

He was also elected as the member of the Rajya Sabha in the year 2002 as an independent member from the Karnataka States. Vijay Mallya has also received many awards in his life such as an Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration, Global leader of tomorrow, and many other awards both in India and overseas. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya, was arrested today in London, on the charges of loan fraud, to bring the business tycoon in front of Indian Court. However, he was shortly granted bail after his arrest, precisely within 3 hours. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Net Worth: $750 Million

Personal Info:

Name: Vijay Mallya

Nickname: Vijay

Date of Birth: 18 December 1955

Age: 61 Years

Place of Birth: Bantwal, Karnataka, India

School: Not Known

College: St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta

Father: vital Mallya

Mother: Lalitha Ram

Brother: Not Known

Sister: Not Known

Marital Status: Married

Wife: Sameera Taybjee Mallya (divorced); Rekha Mallya

Children: Siddharth Mallya, Leanna Mallya, and Tanya Mallya

Religion: Hindu

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Profession: Businessman

Languages Known: Hindi and English

Vijay Mallya Estates and Homes

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya owns a lavish home in Sausalito, California. He bought this house in 1987, when he went to California as his wife was having a difficult pregnancy and the doctors advised him to stay there for some time.

Location: The mansion is located in Sausalito, California. Sausalito is 8 miles south-southeast of San Rafael which is adjacent to, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: The property is spread in the area of 11,000 square foot and was bought by him for $ 1.2 million.  The house has since seen many renovations, which have appreciated the price of the property manyfolds. Walls of the house are adorned with paintings of Picasso, Sotheby’s collections and many other priceless collectibles.

Neighborhood: There is big list of celebrities residing in this city. Right form Eldrick “Tiger” Woods to Serena & Venus Williams and Robert Redford many bigwigs reside here. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Mallya in his CA home

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Mabula Game Lodge

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Mabula Game Lodge is set in one of South Africa’s finest private game reserves. Vijay Malaya owns this Mabula Game Reserve close to Johannesburg. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location: Mabula Game Lodge is located in South Africa two hours North of Johannesburg.

Accommodation: Sitting on 12,000 hectares of land it is said to be one of South Africa’s finest private game reserves. Exclusive accommodation is provided in our 47 rooms including 3 suites that offer guests every comfort in a scenic natural setting. The Mabula Game lodge is home to an abundance of animal and bird life, including the ‘Big-5’. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Neighborhood: Business tycoons Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani were spotted in South Africa at Kruger Park safaris. Many celebrities and rich class choose South Africa as their holiday destination. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Le Grand Jardin

Vijay Mallya Wiki


Billionaire Vijay Mallya continues to bedazzle others through his sheer sense of style and has purchased a unique piece of luxury real estate on the Island of Sainte-Marguerite, the largest of the four islands of Lérins., two of which are uninhabited. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location: The Sainte-Marguerite is the largest of the Lérins Islands, about half a mile off shore from the French Riviera town of Cannes. The island is approximately 3km in length and 900m across. The property is known as “Le Grand Jardin,” or “The Grand Garden.” Reportedly bought at $ 60 million, the estate is the only piece of private property in the heart of the island. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: The Island has three houses: the Governor’s House, the House of Métayers and La Tour – all surrounded by a wall that was built on the orders of Cardinal Richlieu. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Neighborhood: The Island is located half a mile off shore from the French Riviera town of Cannes which is one of the favorite holiday destinations of many celebrities. Many well known actors and designers are often spotted in Cannes during the Cannes film festival every year.  Vijay Mallya Wiki

Kunigal Stud Farm

Just like many other rich people, horse breeding is Vijay’s of the favorite hobby which is why he has bought a whole horse farm Kunigal in Tumkur city India. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location: Kunigal Stud Farm is located in  town of Kunigal in the Indian state of Karnataka and  is the oldest stud farm in India. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: This farm is used for breeding horses mainly for racing and Vijay Mallya has imported many stallions from abroad which are housed in the farm. he farm is spread across 400 acres (1.6 km2) and is divided into 25 paddocks of different sizes. ood pasture is maintained and plants needed for fodder like Alfalfa, Green oats and Rhodes grass are grown here. Training facilities for horses including a riding school is present in the farm. The farm also contains a water purification plant and medical care for horses are provided by veterinarians.

Goa Family Home

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay has a grandiose mansion in Goa, which he calls his sacrosanct family home. This is one of the very few properties here in Goa that stretches all the way from the main road to the beach. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location: The Kingfisher Villa is located in Goa, India. Kingfisher Villa is set in a newly developed complex with a private garden surrounding the villa. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: The villa has three grand sized bedrooms a huge living room. Each and every corner of the house has been decorated by the tycoon himself. The living room has handmade Teak Wood furniture with complete Home Cinema system . the house is designed in a  Goan style and is part of the Goan Experience.

Neighborhood: Goa is one of the most visited tourist spot in India. Many celebrities and famous people visit this place at least once in a year. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Trump Plaza Condo

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Mallya also owns a penthouse in the famed Trump Plaza in New York, which is one of the most expensive apartments in the country. Flamboyant Indian liquor tycoon Vijay Mallya has paid $2.4 million for this penthouse.

Location:  The penhouse is located in one of the most expensive tower in New York. The house is in the 37-story residential tower, on Third Avenue between 61st and 62nd Streets. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Neighborhood: 52nd tallest building in New York City has many celebrated residents in it. The list starts form Donald Trump to Erik Prince and Bruce Willis, Beyoncé and Toni Embry. The tower also hosts as an official residence for the winners of the three beauty pageants that are co-owned by Donald Trump as the Miss Universe Organization with NBC which are the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA during their year-long reign.

Clifton Estate

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Mallya’s appetite for expensive properties in premium locations knows no boundaries. Vijay bought this plush and luxurious Clifton Estate for $ 8.4.  Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location: The house is located in Johannesburg’s luxurious Nettleton Road. This house is located on the South Africa’s most expensive street. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: The four-storied mansion gives a breathtaking view of the Clifton beach and is shielded from the wind and boasts of a sauna, walk-in safe, gym, and garage space for four cars. The main bedroom on the top level has an amazing penthouse feel. The home is famous for being the crash pad of Nicholas Cage, who stayed there in 2009 while filming Lord of War. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Neighborhood: As house is located on the most expensive street of South Africa hence has all the rich people around. The house itself has hosted many celebrities quiet a lot of times. The home has been shelter for many other celebrities in the past like George Michael, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Kingfisher Towers

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya, owner of the world’s second-largest liquor company, is raising his ancestral home in Bangalore to build $4 million apartments. Predictably named as Kingfisher Towers, the building will have a complete one acre penthouse dedicated to him. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Location:  Kingfisher Towers is situated in the heart of Bangalore city, India, which is famous as the IT capital of India. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Accommodation: The Kingfiher Towers has around 82 apartments split in three blocks, of which only 72 are for sale. The remaining 10 unsold units are to be split among members of Mallya’s family.  It would have all the high-end luxuries like a wine cellar, an indoor heated pool and an outdoor infinity pool. Further, the roof of the penthouse will double as a helipad. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Neighborhood: The apartments are still under construction and each of the other apartments is 8,000 sqft and begins at Rs 20 crore. With such high price one can expect to see some filthy rich people residing in Kingfisher Towers. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Vijay Mallya Yachts

Indian Empress yacht

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Everyone knows about the king sized parties of Vijay Mallya, which is a frequent happening on his giga-yacht Indian Empress. At 95 meters (311 feet 8 inches), this is the 33rd largest private yachts in the world. This yacht was initially launched in 2000 as Al Mirqab by Dutch shipyard OCEANCO for its previous owners, the Qatari Royal Family before Mallya bought it for $93 million. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Features: For links with land, it’s equipped with a helipad as well as space in the hold for two Mercedes cars to enable the occupants to drive off wherever there are wharves with a deep enough channel for a ramp. Even if we decide to overlook its beautifully appointed suites, fully equipped gym, sauna, lift, steam room, beauty salon and medical suite, there is still one thing that is visible all over the yacht and can’t escape your attention, it’s the personal touches.

The interiors have the VJM touch all over, from the monogrammed linen to the liquor in the bar, which is ‘Chairman’s Special’ and the art all over the boat. The yacht is outfitted with paintings and objets d’art such as the antique baby-grand piano; the paintings by Dali, Renoir, Chagall and Picasso; and a large Hussain in the lounge. The lower deck is for the guests with large sea-views from every room and gold furnishings in the bathroom.

Accommodations: The boat boasts of a permanent savvy international crew of 20, which includes housekeeping staff, officers and a masseur. With 16 cabins at three levels, the boat is self-sufficient for long voyages from the south of France to the Caribbean and can house a maximum of 32 guests. Mr Mallya’s personal space is on the next deck with a huge bedroom for him and a private deck with a Jacuzzi that opens out to the blue ocean.

Specs: It is a triple screw propulsion motor yacht, which drives on 3 MTU diesel engines producing a total power output of 30000 hp. The yacht has a maximum speed of 26.5 knots and a range of 6,700 km at 18 knots.

Charter: Although most of the times the yacht is used for Mallya’s personal adventures, it is also available for charter. The weekly charter fees range from a few tens of thousands of dollars a week to nearly a million dollars a week, which covers the crew’s wages, but not fuel, food and drink, or other incidental expenses. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Kalizma yacht

Vijay Mallya Wiki

One of the more famous classical yachts in the world, Kalizma was originally launched as Minona in 1906. She was known by the name Cortynia and Odysseia, prior to settling for a more human name Kalizma. The yacht has been made famous by its previous owners who were none other than Sir Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in 1967. Sir Richard Burton bought this yacht as a symbol of his love for his wife and that’s why it also came to be known as the Love Boat. They named it Kalizma after their children Kate, Liza and Maria. Vijay Mallya Wiki

Dr Vijay Mallya, purchased Kalizma in 1995 and has since lovingly restored her. He had told a publication in 2001, “I spent almost $3 million to fully restore the yacht.” At the time it was reportedly worth nearly $10m (Rs 48 crore). Mallya had also claimed he would never sell the Kalizma . It’s a plush, beautifully restored boat, with 1 ensuite state room, 4 ensuite cabins (2 twin , 2 double) a dining room and saloon, and a modern galley. There’s also an open-air jacuzzi on the main deck—and the wheelhouse has been shifted to a new upper deck. Kalizma is not a charter yacht. She’s guarded jealously by her proud owner and only sails for her crew, her owner or his friends and associates.

Vijay Mallya Private jets

Boeing 727

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Airbus A319 ACJ

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Hawker HS125

Vijay Mallya Wiki

Gulfstream III

Vijay Mallya Wiki

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